Goldenrod Design Co.

If I'm being honest, I've put this off for a year. I've drug my feet, made excuses, and watched every episode of Friends, all to avoid branding myself. I know, I know – the irony isn't lost on me. I've helped others tell their stories through design but struggled to sit down and do the same for myself.

But, isn't that usually the case?

We all need a little push from someone in our corner to take those brave first steps to pursue what we're passionate about. For me, it's been these two.


And that's what finally clicked. I've sat across from too many people who have stalled out on how to share their story. It's more than design. I'm excited to launch Goldenrod Design Co. as a way to be in your corner, helping you get ideas out of your head and into the world.


So, why goldenrod?

If we've met, you probably have heard me talk about Nebraska. The Midwest is deeply rooted in my heart. Even after moving across the country, I'm increasingly grateful for the lessons I've carried from home. Goldenrod, the state flower of Nebraska, is a nod to the power of place.

Branding_Web Images_Goldenrod.jpg

At its best, home is a place where we feel heard and known (and can always count on food in the pantry). It is my earnest hope that those I work with would feel the same – that questions are answered, insights are valued, and snacks are a given.

Because chances are, if we get branding just right, others will feel at home too.


Let's be friends.

Have something you want to create? A hesitant but big idea? Or maybe just a hankering for a good cup of coffee. I'd love to chat.


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